Digital Marketing 2023

Passionists’ Online Community

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About this case

While the weekly televised Sunday Mass has been a keystone of their ministry since 1970, Passionist leaders wanted to find new ways to engage with their followers in faith. In order to expand their online presence, Mindfile developed a digital marketing strategy that would not only complement but elevate the Passionist’s community engagement.

Through our custom systems, templates and high quality content, we help Passionist Communications connect with their followers on a daily basis. We create meaningful visuals, manage multiple platforms and provide value added services like video production and graphic design.

Since 2019 the Passionist’s online content that we have created has reached over 180K people on Facebook and engaged over 40K YouTube subscribers.

Applied Services

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing and CRM Management
  • Online Presence Audit
  • Digital Marketing Platforms Integration
  • Content Strategy and Calendar Creation
  • Data Reporting and Analysis